analyzed a status of ICO of 2017 today

The fact that most ICO will never realize the ideas and at one of the stages will fail, almost all representatives of the crypto community in a varying degree understand. Nevertheless, it is always curious to look at statistics, therefore, prepared results of a large research which was directed to count of the projects which already “died” today which began the operation in 2017. So researchers counted that 46% of ICO are already irrevocably dead — their websites do not work, their Telegram-chats keep silence, and the money raised during primary sentence of coins is distributed on pockets of creators for a long time, or in a hurry for several days after the carried-out ICO, or is systematic — within several months. This 46 % of projects collected more than $104 million, it is possible to read that money of investors already sank into a non-existence.

46% are already dead and another 13% on the last legs

Tokendata — one of the largest trackers of ICO for last year counted 902 projects which were issued. From them, 142 did not raise the necessary amount money — that have perished at a financing stage. 276 more finished the existence, having successfully collected the desired amounts. The reason for that became or banal and impudent theft or just slow attenuation of activity in vagueness which actually too can be read theft.

So, 418 projects from 902 are our 46%. 113 more projects can be read “half-dead” because the command ceased to communicate with the community, or in its composition so there are not enough participants that the project certainly has no chances of success. Thus, we receive 59% of impractical ICO.

The depressing harvest of 2017

$104 million — all this quite large amount and it from a body of crypto community exhausted ICO short-lived which not a jot did not advance it in the way of developing blockchain technology. Unfortunately, such fertile because of the anonymity the environment as cryptocurrencies could not but attract unfair people whom thirst of personal enrichment disturbs more than estimated “bright future of mankind” to swindlers. Of course, not all from developers of these ICO initially had mercenary intentions, someone just advanced not the too interesting idea or the idea was good, and advance not really successful.

What’s next?

Many from 531 ICO, failed, looked suspiciously from the moment of declaration of the existence of the project. And most often investors, if desired, could reveal signs of deception, but did not make it because of blind desire “somewhere to attach the money that they made the 3 or 5”.

The ICO mania at the beginning of 2018 does not show any signs of the attenuation. Therefore there are all bases to suppose that “harvest” of 2018 will become same if no more, sad as “harvest” of last year. It is necessary only to call investors, to spend a little time for a project study before putting in it the savings.


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