How to monitor fluctuations in the exchange rate and make transactions through your phone?

When the portfolio of crypto assets becomes significant for you, you need to think about an application on your phone that will help you monitor the changes in the value of your assets so that you can quickly take some important actions that will help you multiply or just save money.

Developers of applications for phones keep their nose to the wind, and today for crypto investors there is a fairly wide range of programs that will allow you to monitor your portfolio at least 24 hours a day, as well as make transactions using your mobile phone.


This is a simple and convenient application that can track the fluctuations of two thousand different coins simultaneously. You add to the list the coins you are interested in and put their quantity. Thus, the application, tracking the fluctuations of rates, will show you the actual size of the crypto-briefcase at this moment. The prices it can show referring to any chosen stock exchange (available Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase and many others). This app also makes it attractive because it can work both on Android and iOS.

Bitcoin Checker

It shows the average price from more than 80 exchanges. In the application, you can set the time interval through which the price will be updated. You can set up sound notifications. Unfortunately, Schecker only works on the Android operating system.


This application shows the price of your cryptocurrency in the form of wallpaper of your smartphone, so in order to check prices, you no longer need to search for the desired icon on the screen and go into the application. All graphic elements can be adjusted so that the wallpaper is also visually pleasing. Prices are automatically updated every minute. True, CoinPaper also works only on Android.

The following two applications will help their users not only track the current prices of their assets, but also make transactions.


They can buy and sell different goods and services for bitcoins, directly communicating with each other. Inside the application, there is its own secure messenger and payment system. Works on both Android and iOS.


This is already a terminal for trading on the most popular exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, in addition to being able to make deals using your phone, you can still receive fresh news from Coindesk and Bitcoin Magazine through the application.


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