Statistically, the provided W3Techs company, more than 30% of all websites on the Internet work at WordPress today. And according to Troy Marsh, the expert in cybersecurity from Bad Packets Report, 48 953 websites on WordPress are infected with mining scripts. Thus, the epidemic of malicious software for the hidden mining gets out of hand.

The researcher marks that Coinhive remains to the most widespread mining a script of which about 40 000 infected websites, that is 81% of all registered cases are the share. The remained 19% are distributed among different alternatives of Coinhive, such as Crypto-Loot (2057 websites), CoinImp (4119), Minr (692) and deepMiner (2160).

It is worth marking that in November of last year Marsh identified more than 30 000 websites infected with Coinhive, and in February researchers found a set of government resources and public portals at which mining scripts quietly worked.


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