In spite of the fact that some of the companies that provide services with crypto credit support for plastic cards have problems, there are many alternative solutions available all over the world.

Plastic cards

Nowadays, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a much more serious infrastructure than in the early days, when bitcoin only gained popularity. One of the biggest trends in 2015-2017 was the increase in the number of crypto-plastic cards supported by Visa, Mastercard, and other financial institutions.

Some of the cards, such as the Coinbase Shift card, use the cryptocurrency directly, while other cards, such as BitPay Visa users, convert bitcoin to get a balance. Depending on the place of residence, you can order several types of cards, some of which process not only bitcoin or Ethereum, but also other crypto currency.

Keep in mind that, as previously reported, Wavecrest Holdings Ltd. currently does not service Visa cards on the European market, including Cryptopay, Tenx, Bitwala, Bitpay (EUR) and Xapo. However, these services are now actively working to provide alternatives for their users.

Representatives of Xapo on January 5 said:

As soon as we can serve Xapo cards again in your country, we will offer you a new card for free – We worked hard to find alternative solutions for you.

Prepaid debit card Bitwala

The Bitwala plastic card is a popular choice among European bitcoins that use payments in euros (EUR). The card is issued by Mychoice and a bank called Wavecrest Holdings Ltd. The commission fee for the transaction is 0.5%; the company offers both virtual and physical maps. The fee for withdrawing funds from the ATM is EUR 2.25, and all purchases on PoS terminals are carried out without commission. Debit cards Bitwala can be used wherever Visa is accepted. The card issue costs 8.00 euros, and the virtual card – 2.00 euros.


Spectrocoin Visa

Spectrocoin and its employees live in the Baltic region. The balance can be replenished in US dollars, EUR, GBP using physical cards, starting from € 8.00, and virtual cards are sold for € 0.50. There is no charge for replenishment, but Spectrocoin will charge € 1.00 per month for servicing the card. If a resident of the Baltic States wants to use an ATM, the price for withdrawing funds will be approximately $ 3.50. Spectrocoin cards are also manufactured by Mychoice.


Bitpay Visa

Bitpay provides Visa cards for residents of the US and Europe. The application fee is not charged, except for cases when international currencies are applied. The card costs $ 10 and is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank in the US and Wavecrest Holdings for European maps. Bitpay processes payments in a fiat currency, and the cost of a bitсion in the system is based on several price indices. The fee for withdrawal of funds in an ATM is 2 US dollars, PoS-transactions are free of charge.


Xapo Debit Cards

Xapo offers a popular debit card, which can be a balance in the BTC. The issue of a physical card costs approximately 18.00 euros. The company charges EUR 2.25 for withdrawals from ATMs, and PoS transactions are free of charge. Xapo transactions have a real-time conversion, and users pay only for bitcoins on the card balance, which is also issued by Mychoice. Xapo cards do not have maintenance fees. Xapo maps are not available in the US.


Coinbase Shift Card

The Coinbase Shift card is a popular solution in the USA. The card can contain on the balance BTC, LTC, BCH, and ETH. To the Shift card, you can bind only one purse with cryptocurrency, which will be serviced by more than 38 million sellers accepting Visa all over the world. The card issue costs $ 10.00 and it has a 0% conversion rate for BTC in USD. Withdrawal of funds from US ATMs will cost $ 2.50, and international withdrawals at ATMs will be $ 3.50. Shift cards can be connected directly to Coinbase, but can also be linked to a Dwolla account.



The Coinsbank card offers both bitcoin and Litecoin for storage. You can issue both physical and virtual maps. There is also a service for using cards without a name, but this function is temporarily unavailable. Withdrawal of funds at an ATM costs 4.95 US dollars, and internal transactions are free. There is a monthly fee of $ 0.95. Coinsbank cards are not available in the US.


Wirex Card

Wirex offers both virtual (free) and physical debit cards ($ 17), which can be loaded with a cryptocurrency using the Wirex account. The card service fee is $ 2.50, and a monthly fee of $ 1 is charged.

The exchange of bitcoin for a currency is free, except for a commission to miners. Visa Wirex card works through Wirex account. A physical card requires verification of identity, but the virtual card of Wirex does not require identification. Wirex cards are not available to US users.

29 different cryptographic cards available worldwide

There are many other cards issued by different companies. Among them are Advcash, ANX, Mobi and, which offer different tariffs and can only be used in specific countries. At the moment there are about 29 different companies providing debit card issuance services that can be used in conjunction with a cryptocurrency. Thus, the idea that paying for real things by cryptocurrency is much more real than many imagine.


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