Researchers used a special procedure to search for intruders

A study conducted by experts from the universities of Sydney and the Stockholm School of Economics helped to find out that almost a quarter of those who actively use cryptocurrency bitcoin use it in illegal activities.

To compile a complete picture, the researchers used well-known information – the addresses of trading platforms operating illegally in the darknet spaces, confiscated in the equivalent of bitcoin, and all related operations. In other words, it was taken into account how many coins are used daily on a particular resource for obtaining certain information, selling and buying drugs, weapons, pornography and other “goods”.

According to the research team, they used a special procedure to search for those people who could take part in criminal activities.

“There is a difference between those who engage in illegal activities and honest citizens. The former use cryptocurrency for illicit trafficking, while others use them only as investments. In the case of illegal actions, a greater number of operations are used, but with fragmentation into small amounts. In addition, they often act on the same address, “the researchers said.

According to preliminary data, this 25% is about 24 million users around the globe. The total number of transactions during the entire 2017 was more than 36 million. Thus, the approximate amount of illegal financial transactions with bitcoin for the year is $ 70 million.


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