The amount of commission in Electrum will be calculated on the basis of data from the mempool

The creators of the popular crypto-currency virtual keyring Electrum announced among users that the light will soon be seen by the client of version 3.1. They briefly talked about what innovations people are waiting for.

One of the fundamentally new moments that will please our users is the calculation of the commission size based on the data of the mempool, topical at the moment. If the user activates this option, he will be able to set the commission for the transaction based on what depth he wants to be in the mempool – in other words, focusing on quick or slow confirmation of transactions.

“We are confident that this innovation will simplify life for all – both new, inexperienced users, and the old. Since the first because of ignorance of all the subtleties simply overpay for their transactions, and the latter know about the sites that display the data of the mempool and on the basis of these data form the size of the commission. In any case, some overpay, and others spend extra time on it – not convenient for everyone, “said the developers of Electrum.

Many representatives of the crypto community have already managed to criticize this innovation, since, in their opinion, it can lead to collusion between the miners who will fill the mempool with expensive transactions and will not confirm the cheap ones.

Also in version 3.1, there will appear so-called local transactions – the function will allow you to save transactions in the wallet that were not translated, their output data will be used for future transactions. In other words, those transactions that have disappeared from the mempool remain in the purse and can be relayed.

The release date of Electrum is still unknown, but the creators point out that there will be a number of useful changes in it, such as the ability to encrypt wallets for tracking (called watch only).

Recall, at the beginning of this year, the creators of Electrum confirmed that in their wallet there is a critical vulnerability that made it possible for outsiders to access the means of users. In particular, this problem will be solved in the new version.


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