Ads advertising cryptocurrency hit on Facebook

Ads advertising the cryptocurrency, hit on Facebook, despite the ban, using a workaround, popular with spammers of e-mail – changing the spelling. In one recent announcement, the “o” in “Bitcoin” was replaced by zero, and the capital “I” was replaced by lowercase “L”. This device was noticed by the French businessman Matthew Suiche on Twitter. He said he was surprised at the superficial prohibition.

Facebook Inc. banned advertising related to crypto-currencies, initial offers of coins and binary options last month, saying that such banners were associated with misleading and deceit. The company is working on cleaning up it is advertising system after several ProPublica reports have shown that racist and discriminatory ads can still get to the site.

Even when Facebook is working on creating the capabilities of its artificial intelligence, it was noticed that people are more reliable for detecting undesirable content on social networking sites. The corporation employs thousands of new employees around the world to solve problems, including false news and manipulation of elections. Now bitcoin got into the zone of their search.


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