McAfee apologized to the CEO of the exchange.

The Binance currency exchange for the first time added support for a token created according to the NEP-5 standard on the NEO blockchain. For the Red Pulse token under the ticker, RPX, deposits, and trading in pairs with bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin (BNB) are already available. The message about this appeared on the official site and on Twitter crypto-exchange. Binance CEO Changpeng Jao reported on the forthcoming launch of the NEP-5 token trading on Wednesday, February 7. However, already on Thursday, the exchange went out for a long time because of protracted technical work.

John McAfee, who suspected that the exchange hides a hacker attack, later apologized to Changpeng Jao “for his share in the distribution of FUD,” saying that his “instincts as an expert on cybersecurity coupled with dubious messages overpowered common sense.” Jao said that everything is in order and promised to meet drinks at his own expense. After the successful resumption of work Binance again broke out in first place in the daily trading volume, leaving behind OKEx and Upbit. Now it carries out more than 35% of the trades NEO, and the token Red Pulse in the first hours after the addition to the stock exchange rose by 80%.


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