The ICO BitCoen command collected more than $2,5 million and replaced the concept of the project

On February 15 the token sale of BitCoen which received about 2,5 million dollars from investors was ended. BitCoen was described by its command as one of the fastest representatives the blockchain sphere capable to execute up to 1000 operations in one minute. Besides, the absence of the commissions and extremely effective algorithm Proof Of Time is considered its distinctive features. By the way, developers of a blockchain do not identify it with the Jewish people anymore as it was earlier.

One of the project managers – David Dyshko emphasized that on completion of ICO listing of a token on large-scale cryptocurrency exchanges that to the middle of March he already actively bargained on will be made.

He also reported that the people working on the project are extremely grateful to all who gave them support. During ICO funds were transferred not only by Jews, but also other world communities – all who want to use single digital currency in the territory of different countries. It also became a cause of failure creators of BitCoen from exclusively “Jewish” concept and its conversion to a global product.

If to be exact, then in token sale citizens more than 200 countries among which there is Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia and hundreds of others took part. An ecosystem was it is created on the basis of unique blockchain technology which includes the international loyalty program of BitCoen Loyality, a purse of BitCoen Wallet and BlockChain Explorer in which there is an opportunity to view units with transactions.

At the moment creators are busy with implementation of application for a purse of BitCoen adapted under mobile platforms and also continue negotiations with potential partners.


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