Evening overview of the crypto-currency market

This morning we published a short review, where it was said that the world’s main cryptocurrency broke through the mark of 9 thousand dollars.

Literally, four hours after this bitcoin already cost less than $ 8,000.

At the moment, the cost of “digital gold” is slow, and, perhaps, has crept upwards for a short time and is $ 8,627.

Ethereum, so well survived yesterday’s correction, today, like everyone else, flew down – for a day it fell by $ 350.

With the other altcoins at the moment things are even worse – on average they have fallen in price in the range of 10 to 40 percent.

Cardano for seven days began to cost cheaper twice – its cost is now $ 0.34

Ripple slipped to $ 0.84.

Bitcoin Cash is trading around $ 1,166.

The total capitalization of the market is currently $ 411 billion.

This is the situation on the market at the moment.

The exchange clearly shows a panic, which also contributes to a further drop in the rates of cryptocurrency.

Experts do not advise now to close open positions at a loss to themselves before the market turns around very little – perhaps we are already seeing it now.


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