In the bitcoin network, less than 1% of illegal operations are committed

Less than 1% of the total volume of bitcoin transactions is related to money laundering!

Such a conclusion was made by the analysts of FDD and Ellicit after joint work aimed at revealing illegal actions in the network of bitcoins.

Experts analyzed the financial flows in this system, figured out the possibilities and conditions for money laundering. In a report prepared on the basis of the study, analysts pointed out that, despite the warnings of crypto-currency critics, money laundering in the bitcoin network is present, but in scanty amounts.

The report also says that transactions for the purpose of money laundering are observed mainly in the black market – sites such as Silk Road and AlphaBay.

According to the report, most such illegal operations in the bitcoin network are present in Europe. In second place in North America, where illegal transactions are five times less.

Analysts believe that the best way to deal with such illegal transactions is tougher regulation of the activity of the crypto-currency industry at the legislative level.


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