Similar rumors go among developers in cryptocurrency branch

On February 20 the new game offering 1 bitcoin to the first player who has solved 24 riddles will be started. At the time of a release of this statement, the bitcoin cost $9860. Such hearing goes among the developers connected with the instrument of recovery of bitcoin wallets btcrecover.

Montecrypto reports that players will pass tasks from the first person in the game “Bitcoin Enigma” and will have to solve 24 “riddles” for receiving the first prize. A game comes to the end as soon as the player solves all puzzles. A game will cost $1.99.

“We don’t advertise bitcoin. We simply think what will be to receive abruptly bitcoin as a prize for the passing of our game” — developers in the section FAQ on the website Montecrypto have written. Curious addition under the name “Last Words” will be the direct reference to the btcrecover repository on Github. Developers consider that “it can be very convenient”.

This cryptocurrency game differs from the concept of other similar projects with which all headings dazzled recently. After the game Crypto Kitties which has blown up the Internet in December of last year this month on the platform of Ethereum there is DEUS ETH.

Pass a series of episodes which according to statements of developers, “take the same as “Game of Thrones” in this game “tokens characters”. The Montecrypto team has wished to remain incognito before receiving a prize from the winner.


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