The co-founder of Apple explained why he does not doubt the cryptocurrency

During the conference on the future of currencies and payments co-founder of Apple Inc and Tech Geek, Steve Wozniak, a mathematician by training, said that bitcoin is much better than the US dollar or gold.

He explained his position by the fact that, in his opinion, bitcoin has a predictable final value, unlike gold, whose price will certainly fall, as soon as mankind devises an even more effective method of mining than now.

Dollar, according to the mathematician, and in a particular context can be called “fake”, because, for the creation and use of this currency, central control is established, the right of abuse is granted, the state is not limited in the number of printed banknotes.

Wozniak admitted that he admired bitcoin from the very beginning and recalled how difficult it was for him to buy bitcoin on the launch days. At the same time, he was not interested in the financial side of the issue – he saw in this unknown digital currency at the time the beginning of a new era, he knew that this new phenomenon would radically change the world outlook of people. So it probably happened.

In contrast to the statements of skeptics, Steve compared the bitcoin with the house – despite the increase in taxes from the government or the growth/fall in real estate prices, the house will always remain a real, stable, reliable asset. Like bitcoin, the house is limited in quantity, and no power can dilute the offer.

The technology of blockade, according to the mathematician, simply must develop and expand, because it can be used in a wide range of areas: from financial plan services to the mining industry.


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