Beginners will have to pay $ 10,000 to start trading

Bitfinex, the currency exchange in Hong Kong, yesterday announced that it is regaining the registration of new users, although only people who are willing to contribute $ 10,000 to start trading will be able to register. This measure is forced, as well as the temporary suspension of new registrations in December 2017. The reason for this and the other was the unexpectedly increased demand for the services of the exchange – its capacity simply could not cope with the influx of people willing to make deals.

Here’s how the representatives of the exchange commented on their decision on the minimum deposit:

“Bitfinex is a source of global liquidity with a focus on professional traders and local exchanges. For those who just try themselves as a currency trader, we recommend trying out other, simpler platforms, and returning to us a bit later with the feeling that trading is exactly yours and $ 10,000. ”

The Exchange sees its main task as focusing on the main client base. That’s why they do not want to spray their capacity into millions of accounts with small amounts of money – this is not their format.

It is important that the already registered users will not be affected by the innovation and they will still be able to manage any size amounts.


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