Representatives of the exchange are going to attract millions of new customers from Europe

While many traders focused on what is happening with digital currencies in China and South Korea, the leaders of one of the largest Japanese crypto-bike bitFlyer do not submit any signs of concern about their future fate.

After they received a license to launch in the European Union, the management of the exchange said that strengthening the control over the crypto-currency trading will not affect the market negatively. Instead of discussing conspiracy theories and the potential consequences for trading, they are going to attract new customers from Europe.

The co-founder of bitFlyer, Yuzo Kano, said that he and his team are pleased with the interest of regulators in their activities while emphasizing that he does not believe in threats from states beating their fists in the chest and shouting about the prohibition of cryptocurrency trading.

“They understand very well that the ban on digital assets will eventually lead to underground trading,” Kano told Reuters.

However, he did not deny that the trade in digital currencies entails high risks.

The European branch of the exchange was registered in Luxembourg and began active work already 2 days ago. By the end of next month, trading on the stock exchange will occur without a commission. While the main pair of BTC / EUR is available, but before the beginning of 2019 promise to add currency pairs with Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.

Currently, BitFlyer is the first in the world, and in combination, and the only crypto-exchange, which satisfies the largest number of regulatory standards. This gives her the right to successfully operate in Japan, the European Union, and the United States.


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