Crystal will become an indispensable assistant for law enforcement agencies and large companies

Dozens of blockchain-startups are daily attacked by intruders. But Bitfury does not intend to remain on the sidelines and silently wait until the relevant authorities finally put things in order in the crypto-currency industry.

Instead, the company decided to take it into its own hands. On January 30, Bitfury released a toolkit called Crystal, the essence of which is to track and investigate criminal activities on the Bitcoin network.

The platform was created by specialists for two years and during its creation, they took into account the remarks of some high-ranking government members, including former ones. The purpose of this set of instruments is to put an end to the identification of the cryptocurrency with the means of payment in the black markets.

On the 30th of this month, the light version of Crystal became available free of charge to individuals. The price for corporate customers and the subscription price will be presented by the company in March.

Tool base was a solution that helps users to assess risks. In addition, it will be an excellent tool for law enforcement during the verification of suspicious transactions. The software solution will analyze the operations, assessing the chance that an address may have a connection with criminal activity. After that, the results will be formulated in a graph and transferred to the rest of the tools to generate a legal report for global investigations.

Thanks to Crystal there will be a way to make offline tracking of Bitcoin addresses, even with specific criteria, which will be used to generate final reports. One of such criteria may well be an operation between certain addresses.

Reports can be directed to resources using the technology of “unraveling” transactions performed by “mixers” designed for money laundering.

The Crystal Pro version will be able to integrate into the architecture of the client system and be not just a way to track funds transfers, but also an excellent “safety cushion” for large companies.


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