Bitmain will cooperate with the American company Ant Creek

According to documents, the Chinese giant of cryptocurrency mining increases efforts in the USA.

It is reported that the largest Chinese hardware manufacturer for mining of Bitmain participates in development mining centres of Ant Creek in the USA.

According to the web site on business data of, the co-founder of Bitmain Jihan Wu is the single “the controlling person” of LLC Ant Creek in Tumuoter, the State of Washington.

As the local newspaper the Union-Bulletin, Ant Creek transfers build “blockchain centre” in port Uolla-Uolla, State of Washington. According to the managing director Patrick Ray, the administration of port works with Ant Creek within about six months for development a blockchain object.

If the contract is approved, Ant Creek will begin to rent the earth by the end of 2018 with a possibility of purchase of 40 acres.

Ray told that main objectives of Uolla-Uoll are “formation of evaluation cost and creation of jobs”. According to officials of port, the estimated production facility of bitcoin will attract 7-10 million dollars of private investments and 15-20 jobs on a complete rate.

As marks the Union-Bulletin, a boom of a blockchain which takes place in rural areas in Washington, in some regions it was decelerated as towns require time for assessment of the huge needs for the electric power required by objects. Ray told that it is not a problem of Uolla-Uolla port as the city is not a supplier of an electricity.

For the period of the publication of the article Bitmain I did not confirm the involvement in the Ant Creek project.

At the end of February 2018 the investment and research company Bernstein published the report in which it is said that Bitmain borrows from 70% to 80% of the market bitcoin miners and ASIC cards.

In January it was reported that Bitmain considers the possibility of the start of new mining farms abroad after the prohibition of exchange of cryptocurrencies and the increasing probability of imposition of restrictions for miners in China.

We will remind also that Bitmain works about mining enterprises in Canada since 2016.


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