The TrueUSD cryptocurrency is supported with fiat dollar and depends on its course

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world Bittrex declared what opens the auction of the couple of TrueUSD/BTC. The added cryptocurrency no other than the token developed by the TrustToken platform. TrueUSD is bound to a current rate of US dollar or, in other words, is provided with fiat currency.

Exchange of TUSD for USD is available to the users of TrustToken who passed KYC procedures at any moment. Also, holders of tokens of TrueUSD possess legal protection, unprecedented for the world of cryptocurrencies. Besides creators mark that checks on the regular basis of all bank accounts on which dollar support of tokens is stored is planned.

In turn, representatives of Bittrex emphasize that before TUSD listing successfully there took place quite cruel selection, it must be assumed that on the exchange with such big-name hundreds of coins dream to get. TUSD meets all requirements concerning reliability, therefore, the token can be trusted.

We will remind, earlier it became known that Bittrex is going to add a feature for the trading in couples with USD (fiat dollar). At the same time, representatives of the exchange said that not all users will have such opportunity.


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