Bitwala, the payment service blockchain provider, announced the launch of a new banking blocking service

As it became known on Tuesday, February 27, the German supplier payment a blockchain services of Bitwala declared start new banking a blockchain service for the German clients with scores, numbers of the international bank accounts (IBAN), SWIFT codes and the debit cards MasterCard.

Now the process is in an application stage in the Federal Organ of Financial Supervision of Germany (BaFin) for the approval of the project. The supplier of payment services marks that insurance of a deposit will protect funds of clients for the amount to 100.000 euros.

The service designated as “a blockchain banking” offers clients of Bitwala a complex package of services and services for trade and payment by means of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the integration of bank accounts, normal bank transfers and use of credit cards will also be available to clients.

It is the second attempt of Bitwala to offer the clients debit cards for cryptocurrencies. The previous attempt was broken when Visa stopped operation with the provider of the debit cards Wavecrest. Practically all suppliers of cryptocurrency cards suffer from any restrictions from the large corporations which are engaged in release and service of credit cards.

The Swiss startup of Volines was stimulated to close completely the business because large providers of payment cards refused to carry with them cooperation.


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