The British company, which provides electronic wallets services for the cryptocurrency, announced that it will now operate in 22 states of America. US residents will soon be able to buy and sell not only bitcoins but also Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin Cash. Recall that recently the largest in America, the digital wallet Coinbase recently abandoned the idea of integration Bitcoin Cash.


Assessing the current state of the market, Peter Smith, CEO of, said:

“If we give priority to short-term profits, we will give priority to buying – this is what most people do. It’s time to make sure that we can support this experience. “

To date, uses about 22 million people, of which 30-40% are US residents. Peter Smith says that their company is not aimed at short-term benefits, but to create a reliable and convenient service.

James Andrew Butler, co-founder of the digital platform of Sharpe Capital, raising the topic of ubiquitous distribution of crypto currency and blockchain said:

“The emergence of an increasing number of service providers, and especially those that reduce the technical barrier to the introduction of crypto currency, is a clear signal to the world of traditional banks and capital markets that the technology of blockchain will not go anywhere. The market capitalization of all crypto currencies is currently less than $ 600 billion, this is a tiny sum in the context of global capital markets. Now we see the beginning of adoption, it’s like the Internet in 1994. “


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