The Canadian stock exchange intends to launch the new estimated and clearing platform on the basis of a blockchain

The platform will allow users to work with so-called Security Token Offerings through which assets on the basis of a blockchain, in this case, securities, will be on sale. The platform on a basis blockchain technology — rather new type of service on the stock exchange operating since 2003.

Corporate clients will be able to use the platform for release of traditional actions and debt obligations in a look Security Token Offerings which then will be offered investors in the form of completely adjustable STO, unlike ICO placements most of which often are taking place in “gray” zones of normative regulation (by the principle, “that is directed not forbidden, it is authorized”).

According to the director of CSE Richard Carlton, the platform represents the link integrating a blockchain and the stock market, allowing to add a blockchain technologies the installed transaction mechanisms and account, providing thereby clear advantages for participants of the market.

Mr. Carlton reads that use of this technology bears in itself the potential for extension of corporate finance for boundaries of traditional share and debt sentences.

CSE licensed the technology of the platform created by the New York company Fundamental Interactions Inc., who develops “products for trade in multi-assets”. Now the stock exchange operator signed “the protocol on intentions” with the Canadian company Kabuni (settles down in British Columbia) which is engaged 3D – the printing.

Kabuni plans to submit the application to the Securities Commission of British Columbia (BCSC) for the issue of tokens for investors by means of Security Token Offerings. In case of success of Kabuni will become the first company which will place tokens assets on this CSE platform.


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