The New York startup of BlockFi which grants the loans to owners of cryptocurrency assets, using as support the funds in the form of bitcoin and an Ethereum, I collected 1,55 million dollars during the just closed financing round.

According to data from the press release, the company got support from ConsensSys Ventures, SoFi and Kenetic Capital. The purpose of the company, according to her representative, is “overcoming a gap” between the capital markets and an ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the company expects demand from new investors who need to borrow means.

In spite of the fact that the company deals with cryptocurrency assets, it functions as well as any other credit institution: client cryptocurrency assets are stored at the registered saver of securities, and the loans granted about efficiency are reported in large credit bureaus for up-dating of credit points of borrowers.

The chief executive officer of the BlockFi company Zac Kristian told that existence of cryptocurrency assets opens new opportunities in credit.

“Using technological infrastructure of institutional quality, science about data, risk management and operation in the markets of cryptocurrency assets, we aim to become the leading creditor in the market of cryptocurrency assets and the leading supplier of the world-class inexpensive credit” — Zac Kristian said.

Originally the company will work in 35 staffs of the USA, granting the loans to natural persons, the companies, and institutions. The mission of the BlockFi company, according to the managing partner of ConsenSys Kavit Gupta, consists in lowering of volatility in the market of cryptocurrency assets.

“This market needs other forms of access to the credits, except the fragmented option in the form of short-term marginal trade. It is necessary to reduce volatility, to simplify scale and to construct the financial infrastructure of this ecosystem equal to other assets of other classes” — Kavita says.


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