Almost all US states have already created legislation on crypto-currencies

The Californian authorities worked recently on the creation of the bill of the legalization of contracts and transactions in which the blockchain technology is applied.

In the bill except other, it is said that users who are engaged in international trade by means of cryptocurrencies (that is with use of blockchain technology) shall have everything the rights for the protection of the personal data in the distributed register.

One of the leading lawyers of the eminent law firm in New York Allan Hikens, commented on a billing output as follows:

“The fact that in the USA the legislative changes concerning digital currencies and a blockchain happen generally in the positive direction I please. It is the correct way which will allow America to remain in world leaders for a long time. Many governments do not realize all-importance of events in a pattern of cryptocurrencies which occur now. Removing the moment of recognition of a blockchain at the state level, they show the limitation, tunnel thinking and even cowardice”.

Today California is one of the last staffs which planned the implementation of cryptocurrency regulation in the legislation.

The law will become effective after signing by the governor of the state Jerry Brown and transmission to a meeting. The rights of regulators of a staff are also registered in it, for example already now the authorities have the right to suspend the license of any technology company which activities violate rules of use of blockchain technology.


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