The businessman is confident that the market capitalization of bitcoin will reach $ 5 trillion.

Cameron Winklevoss said that the market capitalization of Bitcoin has the potential to increase by 40 times.

At the moment, based on information provided by Coinmarketcap, the capitalization of bitcoin is 136 billion dollars. One of the brothers Winklevoss – Cameron said that this number will be able to break through the mark of $ 5 trillion.

He believes that bitcoin is able to gradually destroy the gold market, or at least destroy it, since metal, in contrast to the cryptocurrency, is limited, which is its main value. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is backed by investments around the globe.

In addition, according to Cameron, the cryptocurrency is a more multi-functional, mobile and strong resource. This is his main advantage for achieving growth of 30 or even 40 times. Many market participants around the world have already begun to evaluate Bitcoin in its true worth, rejecting traditional assets – and this is just the beginning!

Unfortunately, even despite the demand among the masses, bitcoin remains an extremely underestimated means of payment. Winklevoss did not limit what was said by any timeframe but noted that most of his forecasts are aimed at the next 10-20 years.

In other words, the main audience, in this case, are those who buy the crypt mainly for long periods, so HODL, gentlemen.


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