According to The Globeand Mail, on Friday, February 23, clients of one of the largest banks of North America, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD), received e-mails in which it was reported that the financial institution forbids the purchase of cryptocurrencies by means of credit cards. The representative of TD said that the bank regularly reconsiders the policy and security measures “for the purpose of service and protection of the clients and actually bank”.

Such step of Toronto-Dominion Bank is inscribed in a global tendency within which large world banks forbid clients to buy cryptocurrency by means of credit cards.

The wave of prohibitions was initiated on February 3 US giants J. P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup. On February 5 the largest bank of Great Britain — Lloyds Banking Group, and on February 6 — Virgin Money followed their example in Australia, South Africa and Great Britain.

Last week the Indian subdividing of Citibank went further away and forbade the purchase of digital currencies both by means of credit and by means of debit cards.

According to The Globeand Mail of February 23, the Canadian Royal Bank defined the line item, having specified that it allows to make purchases of cryptocurrencies both with debt, and from credit cards, but warns the clients about high risks of volatility which “can lead to much higher level of debt, than they will be able to extinguish”.

As opposed to local financial branch on February 13 the Canadian stock exchange declared the fast start of own clearing platform on a basis a blockchain which will help the companies to attract the capital by means of completely adjustable and safe tokens emitted by the exchange.


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