Lowering of a capitalization of the market was influenced by announcements of SEC and rumours about cracking of Binance

Recently SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) reported that all crypto exchanges at which there is a trade of Security in tokens (they get, according to SEC, under the determination of securities) shall be registered as national stock exchanges or brokers, a word as orders the federal law.

Representatives of SEC emphasize that a row of the crypto exchanges gives itself for the registered platforms, but actually, those are not. Thus, all users of these exchanges in the legal plan are not protected at all in spite of the fact that platforms state that they have multilayer systems of safety. SEC notes what concerning the quality of safety of these exchanges can tell nothing as did not check and did not authorize their trade protocols.

“A row of the crypto exchanges is provided to the participants by the trade mechanisms which are completely getting under the definition of securities which is given in the federal law on securities. If on a site trade in assets which in essence are securities is carried out, and the platform works as the exchange (besides proceeding from determination in the Federal Law), then such exchange shall be registered in our instance as share, or shall receive release from registration also in SEC” — representatives of the regulator say.

So briefly the first news because of which the bitcoin price for an hour fell off for $1000 sounds. Now one BTC bargains around $9800, but yesterday on a row of the exchanges its price fell up to $9500. The second news has the character of rumours and still was officially confirmed nobody, but it nevertheless renders the negative impact on the price of bitcoin and of all market.

Floating around the Internet rumours about cracking of the largest world crypto exchange Binance began to appear. Generally, it is declared by users of Reddit. According to them, many bitcoin assets were translated in эфириум and removed from a site without desire of owners of these assets. Also, some users report about the impossibility of withdrawal of funds. At the same time, other users refute these statements and claim that the exchange works in a standard duty and there are no problems with the withdrawal of funds.

Representatives of Binance report that they were informed that users who used API keys for synchronization with trade bots really became the victims of not authorized trade operations. At the same time, they emphasize that the exchange was not cracked, and the executive director of Binance Zhao Chanpeng told that all not authorized operations will be cancelled and means will return to the owners.

The market very painfully reacted to two of this news also they were enough that during a day of its capitalization I decreased almost by $50 billion.


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