Chinese authorities intend to restrict access to all forms of crypto-currency trading

Against the background of how the crypto-currency market “dipped” due to news from China, the authorities of this country decided to pour gasoline into the fire, saying that they plan to continue pressure on crypto-currency trading.

This time, their attention was attracted by online platforms, various applications for portable devices and even services similar to the stock exchange. This was reported today by the publication Bloomberg.

The Chinese authorities seriously intend to restrict access to foreign and local platforms for trading. However, it remains unknown how they are going to make the separation of such sites into permissible and prohibited.

In addition, there was a statement about the intention to conduct an active struggle against individual entrepreneurs who provide settlement and clearing services. The only positive “news” was the message that P2P-transactions of small volume do not fall under the ban.

Under the pressure of the powerful, China began to leave the mining companies and large players of the crypto-currency market.

In the meantime, the ban on ICO in China has led to an increase in the number of suspicious crypto-currency projects. Over the past year, law enforcement agencies have been found more than 107 fraudulent altcoins, the so-called “scams”. On this list were Onecoin, Five Elements Coin, Ticcoin and many other coins that turned out to be banal financial pyramids.


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