Coinbase activates the SegWit protocol “in the near future”

One of the leading US stock exchanges, Coinbase, announced its plans to implement SegWit (Segregated Witness). According to representatives of the platform for trading, the launch of the protocol is a matter of the next few weeks.

The other day Coinbase employees wrote on the official Twitter of the company that programmers are now close to the final stage of the protocol check, the launch of which will reduce the commission fee in the Bitcoin network by an order of magnitude, and will also shorten the speed of transaction confirmation.

“Our engineers are close to completing the SegWit protocol verification work, we believe that everything will start working in the next few weeks,” says Coinbase’s tweet.

Recall that the SegWit protocol was activated in the Bitcoin network last summer. He helped reduce the amount of commission on the network, but so far, many large companies have not introduced his support into their work. Crypto community of such companies is heavily criticized, in particular, under a barrage of criticism was Coinbase, as the company’s management did not plan to introduce Segregated Witness into the work, but at the same time was wasting its resources and resources to develop solutions that could theoretically bring profit to it, but for recovery Bitcoin networks did not influence.

For the first time about its plans to add support for SegWit Coinbase announced in early December 2017, however, nobody movements in this direction until yesterday was not observed. The fact that the exchange did not take decisive action forced the crypto community to compile and sign a petition calling for Coinbase to launch the protocol as soon as possible.

Also in January, it was reported that a crowded mempool, as well as a long confirmation of transactions and their high cost – this is partly the fault of Coinbase.


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