Hackers returned to the CoinDash project still a part of the means stolen when cracking ICO

Malefactors who cracked ICO CoinDash last summer returned 20 000 ETH to the official address of a purse of the project. Representatives of CoinDash in the Twitter reported about it. Today this amount equals about $16 million.

The reasons for which hackers went to it remain a riddle — they can be the most different — from the tortured conscience to fear of responsibility for deeds.

Creators of the project mark that they notified subdividing on the fight against cyberterrorism of Israel on the new activity of the Ethereum-address which belongs to the repentant hackers.

Also, they note that this event, as well as ICO cracking, will not influence in any way plans for the release of the main product of CoinDash which is planned in three days.

“Unexpected resetting of such large stolen amount as did not exert impact and its theft last summer will not exert the impact on our plans. Next week start of our product will take place” — the CEO of the project Alon Murok said.

We will remind that thieves were not really sure directly that they want to use stolen money therefore in September CoinDash received from them 10 000 ETH which was also stolen during cracking.


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