Finance Ministers of France and Germany call for discussion of the Crypto-currency at the G-20 summit

Senior officials from France and Germany are calling on the G-20 countries to discuss joint actions regarding crypto-currencies.

The summit will be held next month.

In a letter to the Argentine government, which currently holds the presidency of the G20, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, German Finance Minister Peter Altmeier, as well as heads of central banks of these countries, expressed concern about the impact of crypto-currencies, which are said to ” represent significant risks for investors. ” Reuters and the Financial Times reported on the letter yesterday.

What kind of regulation can arise from the proposed discussions is yet to be clarified, but the letter calls for “appropriate measures”.

“We believe that there may be new opportunities associated with tokens and the technologies that follow from them,” the message says. “However, tokens can pose significant risks to investors and can be subject to financial crimes if appropriate measures are not taken. Moreover, in the area of ​​financial stability, risks can also arise. ”

This letter was written for several months. In December 2017, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mare announced his intention to make an appeal, and this month US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin told Congress that he supports this move.


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