Kausa Iman Karana: “Bali has become the haven of Bitcoin-transactions”

Bitcoin, like another popular cryptocurrency, regularly falls under prohibitions or “sanctions” in different countries. Now they are joined by Indonesia, or rather – the island of Bali. There, the cryptocurrency has recently been under close surveillance by local regulators.

Representatives of the Central Bank are trying their best to fight those who use digital currencies anywhere in Indonesia. Kausa Iman Karana, head of the chairmanship of the Bank of Indonesia, based in Bali, claims that thanks to some of the messages on social networks, they learned that Bali has become a “haven” for Bitcoin transactions.

He also noted that the next step on their part will be a ban in accordance with the current legislation, and the special unit for the investigation of crimes will be able to apply to all violators the law, according to which all transactions in Indonesia must be conducted in rupees.

Previously, many authoritative sources have already mentioned that thousands of transactions involving Bitcoin cryptocurrency have been recorded in the country. Including those related to money laundering and trafficking in illicit goods. Apparently, this was the main reason for such a stormy reaction of the government and led to the strengthening of their control.

Such a strict policy regarding the cryptocurrency and its application in various spheres is more characteristic of the countries of Asia than the states of Oceania. It is enough to remember how Australia reacted to those who use digital currencies and did not limit them to anything.

Will Indonesia become the next country after China, which is ready to completely ban the conduct of crypto-currency transactions and all activities related to them, or is it just an attempt on the part of regulators to give this “problem” extra publicity?


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