This sale is the most expensive crypto real estate transaction

We have already told you about some of the dwellings sold by its owners for the bitcoins, but the house, about which we are now talking, has set a new record!

Crypto-currency investor Michael Komaransky has long wanted to sell his cozy home in the Ponce Davis area, located in Miami, but the buyer for Fiat was not in any way. Then Michael decided to change the price tag from 6.5 million dollars in cash to the equivalent, but already in bitcoins. As a result, the house was sold for 455 BTC, and the sale itself is currently the most expensive real estate crypto transaction.

Komaransky noted that the decision to set a price in bitcoins came when he decided to demonstrate to the public what kind of bitcoins can be bought no less than for fiat money. Apparently, this was the case when two people with absolutely identical views met because the same principle was followed by the investor who bought the house.

Recall that the first buyer for the digital currency was a trader Ivan Pacheco, who paid 17741 bitcoins – the amount equivalent at that time 275 thousand dollars. That house was also sold in Miami, and the deal, like many similar ones, was conducted taking into account the currency conversion.

Cryptocurrency is slowly but surely beginning to gain the confidence not only of buyers/sellers of real estate but also of firms engaged in transactions in this area, which can not but rejoice.

Opponents of the same cryptocurrency, on the contrary – are confident that transactions related to real estate will only help to easily launder money, carrying out transactions on large amounts, across the borders of different states.


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