Infrastructure blockchain platform Cypherium enters into a partnership with the research group Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts (IC3) to explore the possibilities of creating new solutions for scaling.

The news of the partnership was announced today, along with the news that Cypherium will launch the ICO in early 2018. Also, both companies expressed confidence that their cooperation will help the wide development of platforms based on the blockchain.

Cypherium plans to use the CPH token to conduct transactions and operate smart contracts in decentralized applications and a deferred payment system.

The company, which includes former engineers Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, uses Bitcoin-NG technology, which was first introduced by IC3 co-director Emin Gun Sier. Bitcoin-NG technology was created to solve problems with scaling blockchain using two different types of blocks.

Sier, who is also a professor of computer science at Cornell University, said that Cypherium is “perfect” IC3:

“Both of our organizations are engaged in research and application of methodologies that can solve problems with scaling, management, compliance, and performance.”

Co-founder Cypherium Sky Go said that the partnership will help his company grow and help a wide audience with mastering the technology of distributed registries.


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