ETC or ETH? What is it better?

In December on the ETC network fork which restricted its issue was realized and also I lowered an award for the got units.

At the moment the principal advantage of ETC before ETH — limited issue. Issue restriction, naturally, positively affects the price (especially in the long term) due to the reduction of the general sentence of coins. Normal air meanwhile possesses the infinite issue. It is obvious that for the price it is a negative index.

One more powerful benefit consists in ideology. The point is that the code is a law which cannot just be changed at a personal discretion (and the network on the ETH network is responsible for all updates a small group of persons). The classic appeared as a result of the hacker attack on The DAO project. The hacker managed to find a vulnerability in a code and to appropriate the considerable part of the money raised by the project. After that, the design team led by Buterin (or even he personally) decided to interfere with a code and to change some previous transactions. Roughly speaking, they kind of wound off time in air blockchain until cracking. So they received a circuit in which there was no hacker attack, and all money was in project hands. They, of course, eliminated the vulnerability. Some users did not agree with a similar interference in a code and began to support in every possible way an original circuit in which the project was cracked. Miners were collected enough, and the original network lived up to our times. ETC was so formed.

Costs will mark that purely technically the Ethereum network is really good. The great number of developers, the updates which are regularly entering there who solve any technical issues works on it and also increase safety and scalability. Besides Vitalik Buterin thought of issue restriction recently.