When, in 2016, Buterin and most of the Ethereum community decided to roll back the blockchain to return the stolen $ 60 million from the DAO project – not everyone agreed. A small part of the community opposed the idea of the fork for the sake of the material good of a group of people, and on the basis of the original blockchain, the Ethereum Classic platform was created.

For a year and a half, the classic Ethereum (ETC) has risen from $ 1 to $ 40, and capitalization has risen to $ 4 billion. Classic has its own team of permanent developers, support for miners, crypto-instrument, and wallets. At the same time, they do not fundamentally oppose the hard forks, but they do it only to improve the network. The last update was carried out in December 2017, when the monetary policy was revised and the cryptocurrency was given a limited emission by analogy with bitcoin. And on January 12 they announced a project of a blockchain of the Calisto network. It will be used to test developments to improve Ethereum Classic.

By and large, ETC is the same Ethereum, only less untwisted. They have a great chance to follow and not repeat other people’s mistakes. The guys are working, trying. Let’s see what happens.


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