Experts read that the hardfork of Callisto will raise Ethereum Classic price

The hardfork of Ethereum Classic which will be called Callisto (CLO) is planned for the beginning of March of this year. The design team reports about it. It is known that coins will be calculated to all holders of Ethereum Classic in the ratio 1 ETC: 1 CLO.

Ethereum Classic resulted from a hardfork of the main Ethereum network. Disagreements in the community concerning DAO application became the reason of a hardfork. Now time and Ethereum Classic to pass through the procedure of a hardfork came. Creators report that Callisto more than the general will have with BTG and BTD, than with Ethereum.

The main objective of CLO is testing of protocols for the solution of problems of scaling of blocks. There are bases to suppose that the hardfork well will affect Ethereum Classic price.

It is known that Callisto will have identical ETC history of transactions with a circuit, but on block 5 500 000 the network will begin to carry out own. It is expected that the circuit will reach this unit approximately on March 5.

Creators of CLO are sure that the ETC network has some problems with the design of smart contracts, therefore, they plan to make the picture of CLO. Creation of special department of the audit of the smart contracts Callisto and Ethereum Classic is also planned.

White paper Callisto states that the main objective of the project consists in the reference implementation of an ecosystem a blockchain which will be independently supported, cope and be financed.

It is not reported yet what exchanges are going to support CLO. However, experts are sure that the hardfork will affect the price of Ethereum Classic positively.


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