The sphere of sale of tickets will change thanks to blockchain technology

The secondary market for the sale of tickets caused a set of a controversy, especially among fans to visit various actions. The main problem consisted in absence of transparency between the buyer and the seller of such tickets, speculators often played on emotions of people who did not manage to buy a ticket, unfairly overstating the prices, and sometimes and selling invalid tickets.

Eticket4 tries to break into this sphere and to solve some of its problems with the help of a blockchain platform for the secondary sale of tickets online. In two years of operation, the company already well proved. For example, on the Cup of confederations of FIFA the Eticket4 company sold over 80 000 tickets in the markets of the CIS and Eastern Europe.

The solved problems

The principal problems of the modern secondary market of sale of tickets online — the absence of identification of participants, therefore — impossibility to make sellers responsible. With the new Eticket4 system the impossibility to identify the personality of the seller will disappear. All sellers will have an interview with managers of Eticket4 which type will depend on the number of the sold tickets. This information will be used for assessment of competence of the sellers and also for the decision connected to the law of any problems arising because of the seller. All information is designed to help the buyer and will be completely decentral for preventing any conspiracies.

The buyer will receive also other useful innovations. Pricing affairs — the new tool for the analysis of the price of the ticket based on a set of factors of the real world. It will help the potential buyer to define whether the seller overstated the ticket price. For sellers, such tool will allow pursuing an honest price policy.

At last, the Eticket4 system solves as well a problem of the reality and authenticity of the ticket. Eticket4 does not work with the tickets bought with the use of the malicious software for wholesale purchase of tickets. Eticket4 cooperates only with the brokers who bought the ticket a valid method that will help to create the honest market for customers. In addition, in Eticket4 the whole command for the elimination of any mismatches and registration of each ticket acquired in the system in case any problems will arise directly in the day of an action works.

Based on the experience of two years of operation, now the company implements blockchain technology for an output on the new markets, extensions of the enterprise and conversion of all market of secondary sale of tickets.

Advantages to users

In addition to mechanisms of safety and a fair price policy, the Eticket4 company prepared also other obvious advantages of the use of the platform.

First of all, it is the commission for each ticket. Practically all platforms on the secondary sale of tickets charge the large fees which are sometimes comparable to the price of the ticket. The Eticket4 company has a uniform rate — 2% of the maximum price of the ticket upon purchase for ET4 tokens. Such quotations with ease will attract in the company of buyers as a price policy of the principal competitors of Eticket4 often simply extortionate.

Sellers can set an option of the contractual price that will allow them to agree with buyers if the cost of the ticket changes a little. Also, the smart contracts made with Solidity allowing organizers of the event to control the market for the secondary sale of tickets will be available. For example, if the organizer has more than 10 000 tokens of ET4, it can set the price and volume of the tickets issued on the Eticket4 platform and also to receive the commission from transactions.

Forward contracts — one more advantage to brokers which will allow them to buy or to sell tickets wholesale, and will be entered somewhere in the second – the fourth quarter 2018. A blockchain the Eticket4 exchange for corporate clients will allow brokers to conclude wholesale bargains and in the long term will connect the markets of the primary and secondary sale of tickets.

Creation of a token of ET4

Owners of tokens of ET4 will receive the return to 20% of tokens for each purchase as a bonus according to the loyalty program. The release of tokens begins on February 27, 2018, and will be prolonged till March 23, 2018. The token of ET4 will cost 1/1000 ETH. For the second quarter of 2018 Eticket4 will open shops in the countries participating in the FIFA World Cup of 2018.

Eticket4 gives quite good hopes to the sphere which is in great need of changes. The policy of a company performance allows assuming that from the system implementation all will benefit — both sellers, and buyers.


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