Decentralized analogue of Wikipedia announced the free distribution of tokens

The decentralized analogue of Wikipedia announced its intention to distribute its own tokens by airdrop. The management of the startup informed about it yesterday, emphasizing that coins with a laconic name IQ will become one of the most important steps in the program to encourage users of the platform. You can get them by adding missing content on the resource or by improving already published articles.

For mass distribution of tokens, a tool will be used to create an instant snapshot of the EOS network, and to activate the IQ tokens, platform participants must simply register their EOS on Everipedia. Earlier it was announced that anyone who purchased EOS tokens before the end of June this year, can count on a portion of IQ.

It is worth noting that the Everipedia network will begin its work after the launch of the main EOS network. In the event that the startup has an alternative option, the community will be able to decide on its own, which of the networks should be selected encyclopedias by voting.

Representatives of the company said that to get fresh tokens, participants do not need to share public keys since the fundamental idea of a startup is the principle of transparency in everything related to communication and security. This was the main argument in favour of the distribution of tokens by means of the airdrop.

The co-founder of the decentralized encyclopedia, Theodor Forselius, noted that they are eagerly awaiting the development of the project and the democratization of the traditional concept of the encyclopedia.


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