Leaders have already appealed to law enforcement agencies, an investigation is underway

The Italian currency exchange BitGrail reported the theft of 17 million Nano tokens (XRB) due to “unauthorized transactions”. At the current rate, this is equivalent to a sum of $ 151,640,000. As a result of the loss of such a colossal amount of money, the exchange was forced to declare itself bankrupt.

The official website of the trading platform says that its leaders have already applied to the law enforcement agencies and is currently investigating the incident.

Fortunately, other digital currencies have not suffered, but so far the input and output of funds have been frozen indefinitely. This obviously can enrage those customers who want to return their blood after the incident. But such difficulties are not so terrible as the fact that until now remains a mystery – will the Exchange be able to compensate for those who have had Nano coins stored. The management asked users to wait for an official statement on this matter.

After the publication of the operator BitGrail, Francesco Firano on Twitter, where he indicated the reason for the theft, representatives of Nano distributed their own message that the exchange’s loss of money could not be caused by an error in the protocol of the token.

In a statement by the developers of Nano noted that Firano could simply enter the Nano team in a delusion about the solvency of its stock exchange for a long time. In addition, the publication of Nano stated that Firano had previously proposed as one of the options to carry out a hardfork of the cryptocurrency and that funds could have been lost sometime before, until February 8, when it became known.

Users of social. networks joined Nano, accusing the exchange of fraud and the intentional concealment of the incident by BitGrail. According to users, at first, the service simply banned the output of Nano tokens, offering bitcoins as an alternative, and then forced them to go through identification. However, even having fulfilled this condition, clients could not get their money.


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