Social network Facebook began to prohibit the placement of advertisements associated with the promotion of digital currencies.

According to the company, the blocking of advertising services for trade and exchange of digital currencies and ICO occurs in order to prevent the promotion of “financial products and services potentially associated with misleading or deceptive activities.”

Facebook prohibits crypto-currency advertising

Thus, advertisers, even acting on a legal basis, will not be able to post ads promoting digital currencies and ICO on Facebook.

Violating the company’s new advertising policy will be banned both in the main Facebook application and in Instagram and the network Audience Network, which it owns.

According to Rob Coin, one of the managers of Facebook’s advertising technologies, the wide scope of the ban is due to the fact that the company does not yet have an algorithm for detecting and blocking suspicious ads.

He noted that his development is already underway, reports Recode.

Earlier through the Facebook messenger malicious software for the hidden mining of cryptocurrency Digmine


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