The blockchain is planned to be used to store data for resolving disputes

Logistic giant FedEx made attempts to integrate the blockchain-platform in its daily client operations.

Freightwaves, the news organization of cargo transportation, said that FedEx began developing a set of industry standards for the use of blockchain as part of the Transport Alliance (BiTA).

The company, which joined the organization as a founding member, has already begun testing some of the blockchain platforms.

According to Dale Christie, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Analysis, FedEx, as part of the Standards Board, has launched a pilot program using blockchain to store data to resolve disputes.

The project hopes to establish what data will be required for the permanent ledger to facilitate disputes between customers sending and receiving their packages via FedEx.

“We have millions of records daily in our system, and we view the blockchain system safety safe chain that can change the logistics industry. We believe that it has many perspectives in this area and will be able to simplify and secure the exchange of data, “said Dale Christie.

Similarly, IT Senior Vice President Kevin Humphreys said that the blockchain-based platforms will allow customers to more effectively track parcels, not only while they are at FedEx’s disposal, but before and after they are accepted for processing by the corporation.

Despite the fact that FedEx outlined only a few options for using blockchain in its system, Humphries hopes that the blockchain system will have many uses.


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