The CryptoCelebrities project has put celebrities on sale

The popularity of CryptoKitties is falling, and this game is replaced by new entertainment on the blockchain – with the help of the CryptoCelebrities project, users can buy themselves for ETH celebrities from Vitalik Buterin to Donald Trump.

The project was launched yesterday, and the principle of its operation is very similar to the principle of the operation of crypto-cats – tokens are generated, the belonging of which to a particular user is recorded in the blockchain. The goods here are cards with the image of politicians, actors, eminent personalities of the crypto industry and musicians.

CryptoCelebrities is based on the principle of increasing coefficients – a smart contract is prescribed in such a way that the card can be redeemed from the owner for a large amount, and he can not refuse to sell. This means that the more often the celebrity “passes from hand to hand,” the higher its value. First, the buyer should raise the price twice, but when the card starts to cost more than 1 ETH the coefficient decreases.

Most of all, users like to buy a picture of Donald Trump – after 33 transactions it costs more than 30 ETH. Then comes Vitalik Buterin (today it costs 24 ETH), then Satoshi Nakamoto and others.

The creators did not forget that celebrities are very sensitive to using their image for earnings, so it was announced that the stars can contact the development team with a request to verify their account, after which they will be able to receive 3% of each sale of their cards.

The amount of trade operations on the site has not yet been disclosed, it is known that the creators take themselves only a small commission, and the lion’s share of the profit from the sale is transferred to the player.

Recall that the purchase of seals in CryptoKitties, users have spent more than $ 12 million, and some exchanges even suspended the withdrawal of funds due to congestion.


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