One of the largest world crypto exchanges Coinbase which headquarters is in San Francisco developed and presented the new platform which will allow the companies on all the globe to accept payment in several main cryptocurrencies, namely: in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The test version of the platform was launched a few days ago.

The platform received the name Coinbase Commerce, creators say that it is service which will allow accepting payment in different cryptocurrencies which arrive on the purse controlled by the user.

Also, creators emphasize that a mission of this project is the creation of an open financial system. At the same time distinguishes existence of complete control of users over the crypto assets from the previous similar Coinbase Commerce projects.

The procedure of registration on the platform is extremely simple — only phone and the e-mail address is necessary. Today Coinbase Commerce works only with the listed above cryptocurrencies.

It is known that Canadian the Shopify Internet company Coinbase Commerce already successfully integrated. Shopify is engaged in software development for retail online and offline of shops. Now, this company services more than half a million trading companies with the aggregate turnover of $45 billion.


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