In Japan, began checking the crypto exchange after the attack on Coincheck

Earlier it was announced that the financial services agency of Japan (FSA) was going to check security on crypto-exchanges after hackers managed to crack Coincheck and steal $ 520 million in NEM cryptocurrency coins. Today it became known that the regulator started large-scale inspections of 32 Japanese exchanges and equated to the sites.

Employees of the financial services agency of Japan on the agency’s website published a list of 32 crypto-instruments, which will have to undergo a verification procedure. It is made up of 16 exchanges, which received an official license, as well as 16 non-licensed sites.

Among the first are Fisco Virtual Currency, Bittrade, Bit Bank, oney Partners, GMO Coin and others. Those not licensed include Minnano Bitcoin, Tokyo Gateway, Bit Station, Lastroots Corporation, FSHO Corporation and others.

The financial services agency will pay special attention to the audit of the risk management system, clients’ assets, and will also examine in detail the measures that are applied on the exchange to protect against cyber attacks.

Recall, January 26 from the exchange Coincheck was stolen 523 tokens NEM, which in terms of dollars is 520 million. The money was stolen from the so-called hot purse. Crypto-exchange made a difficult decision to recover almost all these assets from its own funds – $ 400 million, at the rate of one NEM = $ 0.81. To verify the plausibility of this statement, the FSA is already studying the financial situation of Coincheck. Also by February 13, 2018, Coincheck specialists will have to submit to the regulatory body a full report on how the hacking occurred, as well as the totality of measures that the exchange management intends to take to avoid the repetition of such unpleasant incidents in the future.


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