The company’s leaders told that in March they plan to hold conferences in 9 cities

One of the Japanese corporations – GMO Internet made an official announcement about launching its own cloud-based service in the late summer of 2018.

Back in October 2017, management reported that their plans include investing “tens of millions of dollars” in mining to develop infrastructure. Thanks to the services of GMO Internet, all those who wish will have the opportunity to purchase hashing capacities, and as a result, receive a reward (minus commission).

Last Friday, the company’s executives told that in March they plan to hold several conferences to attract even more people interested in their services. While the exact location of the data center remains a mystery, there are rumors that it is located somewhere in northern Europe.

Representatives of GMO argue that the company has repeatedly received questions from customers regarding cloud mining. It is for this reason that in the beginning of spring meetings will be held in nine cities to inform everyone who wants to use the services of the firm.

At the moment, the organization intends to use certain coins produced at the facility in the work of its GMO exchange, supported by the argument that such a step will help to increase the diversification and liquidity of the digital currency market.

By the way, in December 2017, the company reported that part of the salaries will now be paid in bitcoins, and in October the company introduced its KYC project on the basis of a blockchain designed to check the banks’ identity of its customers.


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