The Chinese universities patent own development on a basis a blockchain technologies

Several leading state universities of the People’s Republic of China aim to patent own development on the basis of a blockchain.

According to the State Department on the intellectual property of the People’s Republic of China, published on February 16 and 23, the  Zhejiang and Shenzhen universities and also the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) make serious efforts for obtaining patents for the development connected to blockchain technology.

Similar efforts only confirm the growth of interest from the public academic institutions of the People’s Republic of China and their readiness to put serious material and non-material resources in scientific research blockchain technology.

The data published by the patent department of the People’s Republic of China say that the Zhejiang University intends to patent cloudy a blockchain system, simplifying cross-border payment operations. In the patent request of establishment it is marked that instead of carrying out operations through the third party acting as some kind of guarantor, the system will write an operational request of the sender in decentralized “blockchain book”, created by decentral cloud servers.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Academy of Sciences which is located in Beijing develops the system capable to work at the same time with a generally available, private and hybrid blockchain.

In turn, the University of Shenzhen aims to take out the patent for the technology providing protection of intellectual property rights for artists which allows to mark and monitor operations. In case of complete project implementation, it would be possible to create something like the trade system which is most protected from illegal access.

Essential changes are watched also in a corporate sector: the increasing number of the Chinese companies tries to patent the inventions connected to blockchain technology.

These efforts quite correspond to the program of the Chinese government directed to implementation and development of innovative technologies in a financial sector of the economy of the People’s Republic of China.

We will mark that large financial institution, for example, Bank of China, already expressed concerning blockchain problems, having specified, in particular, questions of scaling.


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