Despite the fact that there are many forks of bitcoin, there are only a few Forks Ethereum. Two already announced forks “Ethereum” had some problems, which led to the loss of user confidence.

This time, the new Ethereum hard fork will try to change the current situation, the authors of EtherZero, expect to create the best fork in history.

So, now let’s find out what EtherZero is, what characteristics the network contains:

Fork moment: 4936270 block

Time: January 19, 2018 GMT 19:00 – 21:00

Distribution: The total supply is about 116 million ETZ

Each ETH is 1 ETZ

Reserve: 20 million ETZ for further development


Currently, the EtherZero team consists of 20 people. These people are from different countries who cooperate with many well-known companies for the development of decentralized applications (DAPP) from India and Eastern Europe. Most of the team members are professional developers of DAPP.


You might be interested in learning about the system master node, here’s a more specific explanation:

The idea of the project is to improve and stabilize the market value of ETZ. The team is trying to get the market value of ETZ at a rate of 10% of the Ethereum network in the short term.

Scaling up the network, as the authors of the project expect, can bring more benefits to network participants. The command expects that it will be enough to have 10 thousand ETZs to create a node (network node).

The remuneration in the network is distributed as follows: 45% of the reward goes to the miner, 45% to the master node owners and 10% to the community self-management.

If the market value of EtherZero reaches 10% of Ethereum, the price for the token will reach $ 70. The team welcomes everyone who wants to join the EtherZero system.


Based on Ethereum’s decentralized applications (DAPP), the deployment of an ETZ network can be completed after several changes. The ETZ team will give a detailed plan of technical changes in the future.


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