The device is created on the basis of the ready decision – Hideez Key smart charm

Hideez Group provided to the general public the first Ukrainian hardware purse for Bitcoin and other digital currencies under the name Hideez Wallet. Issuing of reported about it.

The purse is created on the basis of the ready decision – Hideez Key smart charm, but despite it, is a separate product with a functionality of the cryptocurrency wallet.

The wireless device will be able to store digital keys and also certificates of the user. In other words, thanks to it it is possible to open doors, to unblock the computer or a portable gadget, to register mobile payment and to execute about ten more operations supported by a charm.

The CEO of the project Oleg Naumenko said that the principal difference from analogs (Trezor, for example) consists that this wireless device can work with smartphones and desktops. In addition to bitcoins, the purse “is on friendly terms” with Ethereum and all tokens of the ERC-20 standard.

For the execution of the signature of operations, the Invisible Pin technology working by means of combinations of long and short clicking of buttons on the device is involved. The most powerful plus of this idea is that unlike PIN codes or passwords – clicking of keys cannot be spotted or intercepted. Besides, there is an opportunity to create a backup copy of a key from one device to another.

Hideez Group reported that the first batch of devices for carrying out tests is already ready, and mass production of devices is planned for the end of spring of the 2018th. The Kuna exchange already expressed the intention to sell these hardware purses for authorization to the clients.


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