How to create the cryptocurrency? Where to gather a team?

It is not difficult to create your own coin, it’s enough to use a platform with a convenient interface, for example, Waves / CryptonoteStarter, etc., to create a cryptocurrency in a couple of minutes.

It is worth to ICO as a business. It’s an idea, it’s marketing, it’s development, it’s a solution to problems, it’s researching the market and competitors and stuff. Undoubtedly, it is much more difficult to create your own block system and cryptocurrency on it from scratch than the popular alternative – to create a new token on the ERC20 token.

Partners and like-minded people are best served at conferences on crypto-currency and block-book or so-called. Meetup. If you are fluent in English, then you can expand scales to find cooperation, communicate in special forums, for example, bitcointalk.

Please note that the HYPE ICO is gradually dying out. The industry as a whole is changing very quickly. Investors approach investment more finely in order not to invest in the scum.