Stock Exchange plans to open its branch in San Francisco

Chinese Huobi, formerly one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, plans to open its branch in San Francisco.

Chief strategic director Chai Kailong on January 26 spoke at the Blockchain Connect China-US conference on the blockchain. He said that he came to the United States a week before the opening of the branch.

According to Kailong, Huobi wants to grow at the international level, and the US will now be at the center of their attention.

A spokeswoman for Huobi confirmed that the company is building a new headquarters in the Silicon Valley area, noting the high speed of its development. The representative did not give any additional information about the purpose of the office.

Last year, Huobi stopped offering RMB-based digital currencies after Chinese regulators drove the exchange abroad, allowing only exchange between the crypto-currencies.

The American branch can confirm Huobi’s international interest. Last month, the exchange announced a partnership with the investment company SBI Group to launch a pair of currency exchange exchangers in Japan to work on the basis of the yen.

SBI Virtual Currencies and Huobi Japan did not announce exact launch dates but confirmed their cooperation agreement, signed by the chairmen of Huobi and SBI Group.

There was also news that Huobi is launching its own token, but the company said that it does not plan to organize an ICO.


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